Queens Jewish Project

Young adult Jewish life programs in Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Woodside, Corona, and beyond

Some neighborhoods in New York City have half a dozen synagogues within walking distance of each other. On any given Friday night, two or three young adult or young professional Shabbat events are taking place in Manhattan. This is not the case in Central Queens.
Our goal is to fill this gap. We want to provide programs for young adult Jews in Queens.

  • Fun, welcoming, engaging

    We want our programs to be entertaining and enjoyable for all. This is a place for making friends, professional networking, relaxing, and generally building a community.
    This isn't a difficult or intimidating community. We're informal and casual.

  • Meaningful, informative

    We want this to be a Jewish experience. That can include music or theater, Israeli culture, foods common in the American Jewish recipe book, politics and social justice, or anything that feels Jewish.
    Events aren't non-stop prayer, Torah study, and religious education, though those can be components.

  • Local, global

    Our programs will be in and of the neighborhoods of Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Woodside, and Corona, as well as the surrounding areas. We intend to both draw on and contribute to the local neighborhood.
    Given the nature of these neighborhoods, we will have opportunities to immerse ourselves in global cultures, cuisines, and communities.

  • Events

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